U-MAS for Members Implemented

It is with great joy we can announce that U-MAS for Members is now up and running and available for all. It has been in the pipeline for a while, but finally we are here. Hooray and congratulations to all involved.

In U-MAS you can check and update your personal details, including adding your emergency contact details and changing your password.

Once you are logged in you can enrol in courses on line. Courses will however only be open for enrolment on Enrolment Day, so as to not give the tech savvy ones an advantage over those who prefer to use our old and proven way of enrolling in person on Enrolment Day.

There is a quick User Guide to the system you can access from the ‘Member System Help‘ page. You will also find a big manual called ‘User Guide’ which you can download once you are in U-MAS for Members.

We hope you will all take advantage of the new U-MAS for Members and wish you all the best with trying it out.