Who are we?

U3A stands for University of the Third Age. The third age refers to the time following childhood and the second age of work and child rearing.

The first U3A was established in France in 1975 and the idea spread from Europe. The first Australian U3A was set up in Melbourne in 1982. U3A Hepburn Shire was founded in 2000.

U3A is a community united in pursuit of ideas, knowledge and stimulating activities. Our motto is ‘Learning together for pleasure’.


Who can join?

Anyone no longer working full time, regardless of age, background or education, is welcome to become a member. You don’t need any qualifications to join and in case you are wondering, there are no exams! Click here to download a membership form.


Are there pre-requisites or tests?

No special qualifications are needed and the class work is not assessed. Members choose which classes they wish to attend.


How do I find out what is on?

Members receive a regular Newsletter by email or post. The latest newsletter can be found here. Timetables with synopses of events can be viewed online, are distributed at the Enrolment days or can be picked up from the Council offices in Duke St., Daylesford.


What do we offer?

U3A Hepburn Shire provides a wide variety of courses, classes and activities including mahjong, writing and books, music, travel, dancing, art history, tai chi, movies and current affairs.
Some on-going, others one-offs. See our latest course, class and activities timetable here.


Are social activities included?

Regular lunches and morning teas, and group trips are popular events each term. Companionship is a major benefit of membership.


Where and when are activities held?

Classes and activities are held in local venues including the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, halls, cafes and private homes. Most are held during the day with easy access to venues.


Who conducts the classes, courses and activities?

They are run by volunteer tutors many of whom are members of U3A Hepburn Shire. Any member can run an activity.


Who is eligible for membership?

Anyone no longer working full-time, regardless of age, background or education, is welcome to become a member. You don’t need any qualifications to join and, in case you are wondering, there are no exams!  Click  here to download for a membership form.


How do I know what’s on offer?

Members receive a regular newsletter and timetable with class synopses. Check out the latest course and class timetable.


How much does it cost?

Members pay an annual membership of just $35 or $20 if you join half way through the year. There are generally no charges for attending as many events as you like, but some may have a small fee to cover materials or venue hire.


How do I join U3A Hepburn Shire?

Membership can be taken up at any time during the year. Click here to download, or phone our President or Secretary. Click on the committee link on the left  for Committee member’s names and contact details.
Send your completed forms to U3A Hepburn Shire, PO Box 566 Daylesford, 3460.
Payment can also be made in cash to a Committee member at the morning teas here or lunches.


How do I sign up for classes and activities?

By filling out an enrolment form here. There is no limit to how many or how few events you can attend – it depends on your commitments and how many places are available.


Can I try before I buy?

Non-members are welcome to join our regular morning teas and enrolment mornings to get a feel for U3A. Call our President or Secretary for the date, time and venue of the next morning tea or Enrolment morning. Click on the committee link for Committee details.
You can try out a class or activity for no charge.